Download Plants vs Zombies 3.1 PC Full Version

Download Plants vs Zombies Download Plants vs Zombies 3.1 PC Full Version

Download Plants vs Zombies 3.1 PC Full Version Plant Vs. Zombies is an entirely new action strategy from PopCap.
Your job is to protect your garden. Game plant Vs. Zombies is PopCap really doing well for a long time, the way of playing is quite simple: your job is to prevent zombie (zombie) processes at home to eat your brain, and “weapons” fight your plants, here you will have units is the “sun” drop down, you need to put something together to get the score when necessary, can be planted to protect the tree house.

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Zombies try to attack your house, and only your castle is a plant shed! Equipped with a special zombie processing plant mutants as early trees and cherry bombs, you should think fast and plant faster to stop a dozen galloping hands of dead zombie types. Countless obstacles such as sunset, cold mist and swimming pool as a contribution to the challenge.

Improve your gardening skills, with the occasional help of Crazy Dave, you must get sunshine to grow plants for the purpose of destroying the mummy of the warrior mummy.

Download Plants vs Zombies 

Every round of Plants vs. Zombies starts with grass, and you will have to build up your defenses, usually starting with seed.
You will receive larger armaments, including mines, bombs … While the enemy’s capabilities and energies are getting higher, so you need to have a new strategy to defeat them.  Eset Nod32

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Plants vs Zombies have a pretty good playing by a pretty rich playing field, you’ll have a front page, backyard (more pool) and a roof (which requires you to buy pots to plant more trees). The first game you can only play from the adventures that to unlock other games such as puzzles, endless … Plants vs. Zombies game As many of you will accumulate a lot of money to buy toxic toys.

Some key features of Plants vs Zombies:

There are 5 game modes: Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzles, Survival, Plus Zen-Garden stress free
Conquer all 50 levels Adventure processing mode including day, night, fog, in pool and on roof.
Fight with 26 types of zombies.

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