How to Cope with Captcha Error Codes

178634How to Cope with Captcha Error Codes

How to Cope with Captcha Error Codes is currently using a new shortlink where you are required to enter the captcha code when downloading software or games on this website. This we use in order to reduce the number of spammers who appear to this  website. Actually this is easier when compare with other url shortener service, because you are not require to wait some time to be able to download. You simply enter the existing captcha code and click submit, then you can log into your chosen filehosting and you can download the software or games you want. BluffTitler iTV cara-menghilangkan-captcha-pada-komentar-blog-agar-komentator-senang


But it turns out there is a problem here, some friends complain about captcha code that error or not appear, so you can not download games or software. This problem is actually not from the captcha server, but it is most likely to be from your block dns for some reason. Usually a warning will appear “client error 118B” and other error messages.

To overcome this can be done in several ways. Please try the following ways to solve the error code captcha.

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Method 1: How to Cope with Captcha


The first way you can do to overcome the error code captcha is to clean your browser cached. You can do this by going to the options menu in your browser, then clicking advanced, then select the Network tab, and finally in the Cached web content section please click clear now. Or you can use CCleaner Full Version application.

Way 2

If the 1st way still does not work too, please try this 2 way. This 2 way is by doing a DNS cleanup on your PC. To clear or clear this DNS please open your start menu, then section your search directly typed “CMD” without quotation marks.In the black box please type “ipconfig / flushdns” without quotes and click enter. If you have please try to download more software or games in gigapurbalingga this.

Hopefully what we share this time this can be useful for you all who get error message on captcha code when will download software or games.

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