How to Easily Repair Rar Files that Corrupt or Corrupt

How to Easily RepairHow to Easily Repair Rar Files that Corrupt or Corrupt

How to Easily Repair Rar Files that Corrupt or Corrupt On this occasion admin will share tutorial about How to Repair File Rar is corrupt or error. We ourselves often distributed software or games with a size large enough and we always provide part links ranging from 400 Mb to 1 Gb part. Well for those of you who have experienced downloading rar files that part, then suddenly when extracting the file teryata corrupt or error file. You do not need to get angry or become desperate first, because the corrupted rar file is apparently can be repaired by way of repair using winrar application.2-rar

But there is a requirement that corrupt rar files can be repaired or repaired with winrar applications. The requirement is that the rar file has been added add recovery first by the creator of the rarnya file. Admin itself always add add recovery on large rar file especially for files with size 1 Gb and above. So you can easily fix rar file that error without having to re-download corrupted rar file.1-rar


Actually corrupt or error rar files are not always because the uploaded file is corrupted, but it could be because the internet connection when downloading is not stable, then you often do pause and resume when downloading in IDM, or maybe because the process of rebuilding files in IDM that too big. So it would be nice if you edit max conn in setting IDM to 4 only to reduce the possibility of corrupt file when rebulding the file. Download Avant Browser Ultimate

Download: Link

 File with Winrar. How to Easily Repair


  • Open corrupted or error rar file by right click, then select open with winrar.
  • Click Tools >> Repair Archive.
  • Specify the folder where the rar file will be repaired later. (Can be placed in same folder with
  • corrupted rar file).
  • In Archive type, please select “Treat the corrupt archive as Rar”. (This is because the software in
  • gigapurbalingga is always compressed with rar extensions, but if you want to repair files with zip
  • extensions, please select “Treat the corrupt archive as Zip”).

Then click Ok.

  • The length of the repair process depends on the size of the file and also the level of damage to the
  • rar file.
  • After the process is complete, rar file will appear with a name that is almost the same as the
  • filename rar corrupt earlier. In front of him there is an additional “rebuilt.”
  • Please try to extract again rar file result of the repair.
  • Done

Download: Link-1 |Link-2 |Link-3